CKS Biaxial Plastic Geogrid-


With polypropylene (“PP”) or polyethylene (“PE ”) as raw materials, CKS Biaxial Plastic Geogrid is formed through plastication, extrusion through the holes punched in a plate, heating and vertical and lateral stretching. The product has high tensile strength in the vertical and lateral direction. Such a structure can provide an effective force bearing and diffusing system in soils and is suitable for reinforcement of large-area groundwork of permanent bearing.


Extensively applied in reinforcement of the beds and surfaces of highways, railways and airports; enhancement of the foundations of permanent bearings for large parking lots, wharves and goods yards; slope protection of highways and railways; consolidation of mines and tunnels; special nets for animal husbandry and cage culture.

  • The 2% content of carbon black can effectively increase the service life of the product;
  • The vertical and lateral ribs of high strength are stretched through the holes punched in a plate rather than welded later;
  • The stretched ribs are finalized with the moulds of high precision to ensure the even distribution of the ribs and a more stable mechanical performance.
  • The excellent force transmission ability and overall rigidity can effectively restrict upper granules.
  • The upper load is fed evenly through the grids to enhance the bearing capacity of the groundwork;
  • The stable chemical performance contributes to a long service life;
  • Spliced application facilitates construction.


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