CKS Double-Sided Textured Geomembrane-


CKS Double-Sided Textured Geomembrane uses polyethylene (“PE”) resin as raw materials, into which nano-scale carbon black and other assistants have been added. It is made with the process of 4-layer extrusion and film blowing, plus nitrogen spray brushing that results in the higher rough friction of the surface. The product is excellent in resisting sliding, ageing, ultraviolet, oxidation, chemical corrosion and bioenzyme degradation.


  • The product is applied mainly in municipal environmental protection, anti-permeation works of municipal, water conservancy and park projects, anti-permeation/corrosion works of metallurgic or petrochemical projects, anti-permeation works of aquiculture projects and the slopes of the other projects in mountain areas and steep slopes.

  • The double-sided textured geomembrane is a structure of irregular concave and convex formed by nitrogen that brushes the surface of the materials. The materials that take shape this way have a stable mechanical performance;
  • The two sides have a high friction coefficient and a strong anti-sliding capability on the facade;
  • The added carbon black ensures an excellent anti-ultraviolet and anti-ageing performance;
  • The excellent performance of the raw materials in resisting chemicals and biology enables them to effectively resist the material corrosion caused by acid, salt, organics and biological enzymes.


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