Chairman’s Message

Message from Board Chairman


Keshun, which emerged in the tide of reform and opening up, has repaid the care and support from all walks of life with its rapid development in 26 years. Thanks to the efforts and contributions made by its employees, the support of its suppliers and the trust of its users, Keshun has successfully ascended into the top 3 of China’s building waterproof industry and written a colorful chapter full of achievements on the road of development and standardization of the industry.

“Technology-enabled waterproof, breakthrough & innovation, pursuit of excellence” is the assurance for the quality of Keshun products; “sincere cooperation, high trustworthiness, win-win future” is the cornerstone for the stable development of Keshun; “thoughtful services, customer first, humane care” is the wisdom for the success of Keshun brand. Through continuous explorations and pursuit, we uphold“technological Keshun, innovative Keshun, service-ready Keshun” as our operation philosophy in expanding our own scale and boosting the progress of the industry.

We always adhere to the corporate mission of “extending the life of buildings, safeguarding a wonderful life” and unswervingly focus on waterproof business. In its 26 years of development, Keshun has successfully provided quality waterproof services for tens of thousands of projects. Meanwhile, it has set up long-term and stable relations of strategic cooperation with many medium and large-sized real estate developers and construction companies.

“People-oriented, united & cooperative, self-exhibiting, reward to society”: Faced with existing results, we always believe that an enterprise with dreams and competence will find itself before more opportunities and challenges, and harvest more achievements and glories. The grand vision of “creating a century-old foundation and becoming a classical enterprise” gives us the deep sense that the road is rough, the responsibility is heavy and the mission is difficult. In their future development, the people of Keshun should be even more brave to take lead and scale the peak of technology, thus contributing to the everlasting growth of Keshun!


Board Chairman Chen Weizhong                            

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