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Founded in Guangdong Shunde in 1996, CKS is a high-tech enterprise which combine together with R&D, manufacture, marketing, technical service and project construction.
We are the vice president unit of the China Building Waterproofing Association, is the leading enterprises identified by the industry association and top 2  enterprises in waterproof industry in China, 7 consecutive years ranked top two in "Top 500 real estate best waterproof brand ".
CKS has four big series brands, such as “CKS” for general engineering, “ELOKT” for household series and “ZT” for plugging and “PLADEN” for metal roofing protection. We can supply perfect product system, including waterproof membrane, waterproof coating, rigid waterproof material, plugging material, dry mortar and drainage sheet to provide One-stop excellent waterproof solution.

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Our Products

Factory Sweeper-S2

Aquaprufe APF-C pre-applied, fully bonded HDPE membrane consists of 
multi-layer composite waterproofing material for superior waterproofing performance, including a layer of thick HDPE film, self-adhesive polymer layer and a unique particulate layer. 
Aquaprufe APF-C pre-applied waterproofing membrane can be installed on uniform and regular concrete blinding, compacted sand-stone cushion for waterproofing of below ground surfaces and is also used for waterproofing of confined surfaces or blind side waterproofing. 
Aquaprufe APF-C waterproofing membrane is designed to bond fully and permanently with poured concrete against it after placing and tying reinforcement.

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Factory Sweeper-S2

Aquathene APF-3000 pressure sensitive adhesive high polymer membrane, a patent product researched and developed by Keshun, is a high-performance membrane compounded by special technique. The structure of strong overlapped double-layer film plus vertical and horizontal mesh make the performance of tensile strength, dimensional stability, heat stability and UV resistance largely improved. The adoption of patent wet-applied construction technique make the PSA of the membrane crosslink chemically with the cement slurry, which form a powerful waterproof “skin” on the substrate. The “skin” will never separate from the substrate which make sure of the durability of the waterproof course and non water channeling. 

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Factory Sweeper-S2

Aquacoat KS-929 Single-component moisture cured polyurethane waterproof coating can be applied on wet surface and complicated projects with its unique mechanism of reaction by atmospheric moisture and the NCO end group of the PUP to form a seamless, strong bonding, elastic and flexible waterproof film.

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