Aquatorch SBS -Elastomer modified bitumen waterproof membrane (Salt-alkali-resistant ver.)-Aquatorch SBS(Salt-alkali-resistant ver.)


SBS elastomer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane is modified by adding styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) and elastomer resin to high-quality asphalt, with compound salt and alkali resistance additives to improve the material's resistance to chloride ion penetration and Salt-alkali corrosion resistance, the high polymer modified asphalt material is formulated through a special process, and the middle reinforced carcass and the outer cover are composed of various surface materials


  • Suitable for roof and underground waterproof and anti-seepage works of industrial and civil buildings;
  • Applicable to swimming pools, fire pools and other structures waterproofing works;
  • Applicable to subways, tunnels, concrete paved roads, bridge decks, sewage treatment plants, garbage dumps;
  • Waterproof and anti-seepage projects for municipal projects such as buried sites;
  • Suitable for waterproofing projects of water conservancy facilities such as canals and pools;
  • It is suitable for underground buildings in coastal areas and high salinity areas, as well as waterproofing projects, such as tunnels and oil depots.


  • Excellent low temperature resistance, especially suitable for use in cold areas;
  • High tensile strength, high elongation, strong adaptability to base shrinkage deformation and cracking;
  • Excellent crack resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance;
  • The hot-melt construction can be used all year round, and the seams are reliable and durable;
  • Excellent resistance to chloride ion penetration, meeting the requirements of JTJ 275-2000 "Technical Code for Anti-corrosion of Concrete Structures in Harbor Engineering";
  • Good salt and alkali corrosion resistance, long time in high saline and alkali environment, waterproof performance, excellent durability, no decay;
Product name
Upper surface material
Product class
Membrane thickness
Aquatorch SBS Elastomer modified bitumen waterproof membrane
PE film
Type I, Type II
Fine sand

Comply with Q/SY YHF 0034- 2018 "Saline and Alkali Resistance Polymer Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane" requirements

Test item

Technical indicators

Typical Values

Soluble matter content (4mm)


3159 g/m2

Heat resistance

105℃ No flow, dripping -25°C


Flexibility in Low temperature

-25℃ no cracks


Water impermeability

0.3MPa, 30min, Impermeable


Tensile force (longitudinal)

≥800 N/50mm

1018 N/50mm

Elongation at maximum tensile force (longitudinal)



Oil penetration

≤2 sheets

1 sheet

Thickness of asphalt coating layer on lower surface of oil-permeable coil




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