CKS Smooth Sided Geomembrane-


CKS smooth geomembrane is produced by PE resin, addded with nanometer grade carbon and other additives. Compared with other materials, CKS geomembrane has better anti-aging, UV resistance, oxidative stability, chemical erosion resistance and bio-enzyme degradation resistance.
CKS geomembrane has the advantage of smooth surface, even thickness, high tensile strength, high break elongation and low friction rate, normally used for flat area and places or the project which with low friction rate, no soil coverage and high anti-seepage standard.



  • Municipal environmental protection, anti-permeation works of municipal, water conservancy and park projects, anti-permeation/corrosion works of metallurgic or petrochemical projects, anti-permeation works of aquaculture projects and the surfaces of other projects for protection against permeation, corrosion and leakage, for consolidation and for collection of percolates.

  • The films feature an even thickness, a high tensile strength and a strong tear resistance.
  • Smooth surface, low friction coefficient and good extensibility.
  • The added carbon black leads to excellent resistance against ultraviolet and ageing.
  • The excellent performance of the raw materials in resisting chemicals and biology enables them to effectively resist
  • the material corrosion caused by acid, salt, organics and biological enzymes.


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