Board Chairman Chen Weizhong of Keshun won the title "EY Entrepreneur of the Year"


After nearly 6 months of review, the list of winners of  EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021 was unveiled. The honor was won by 11 entrepreneurs in the fields of technology, medical science and health, manufacturing, consumables and real estate from 10 enterprises in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao.

Founder and Board Chairman Chen Weizhong of Keshun, a leading Chinese enterprise of buildings waterproof that is driven by technology, promotes smart manufacturing and focuses on green development, won the "Entrepreneur of Manufacturing Industry Award". Other winners of the 2021 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award include Yin Zhiyao, board chairman, CEO and founder of China Micro Semicon; CEO Wang Ye of Ninebot Limited; founder and CEO Li Guokang of Rice Robotics; CEO Shan Dandan of FOR-U Smart Freight; founder and Chairman Deng Zhihui of EC Healthcare; Board Chairman Zang Jingwu of I-Mab Biopharma; Board Chairman Tang Jiexiong of Wencan Group; Board Chairman Chen Kaoxuan of Libai Group; Stuart Gibson and Jeffrey, executive director, co-founder and co-CEO of ESR.


World-Renowned EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award is held by Ernst & Young PLL, one of the Big 4 international accounting firms. First launched in the United States in 1986, the award has now spread to 140 cities in 50 countries. Previous winners include Michael Dell, founder of Dell computers; Starbucks Board Chairman Howard Schultz; eBay founder Pierre Omidyar; Board Chairman of Cao Dewang,  Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd., a representative of Chinese enterprises.



This globally recognized award aims to commend those outstanding entrepreneurs who inspire others with brilliant vision, excellent leadership and remarkable achievements and is recognized by business circles as one of the most influential international business awards.

The review panel believes that, as a rare enterprise in the manufacturing industry that persists in incorporating technical innovations into its development genes, Keshun pursues systematic integration of product innovation, smart manufacturing, informatization and innovative organizational management, which enables us to see higher possibility in combining building materials enterprises with technologies seamlessly. It sticks to the road of green sustainable development and has exhibited its assumption of responsibility as an excellent social enterprise.



Technology-driven Approach and Smart Manufacturing Enabling Future Achievement of Carbon-Related Targets


Keshun was set in 1996. In its early pioneering days, it always adhered to a technology first approach and went through hardships before becoming a leader of China's buildings waterproof industry. Board Chairman Chen Weizhong broke the mode of family business management very early and introduced outstanding talents. He practiced the corporate values of "creating and sharing with long-term companions" through donation of original shares and repeated share incentives.



Always upholding the philosophy of “survival of those on tenterhooks”, Keshun is alert to risks with farsightedness, predicts opportunities and enthusiastically merges itself into national development strategy to embrace new capital construction with high-performance green products, optimize business mix, grasp urban updating opportunities and accelerate its growth.

In an interview, he stated that Keshun hopes to contribute its bit to the national “emission peak” target. In response to the call for low-carbon economy, the enterprise follows the strategy for sustainable development, carries out innovations in green products, commits itself to creating a modern smart garden-like factory that saves resources and is environment-friendly and realizing low or even low carbon on all links, including R&D, production and construction. Meanwhile, it has conducted innovative development, such as rainwater management system and photovoltaic rooftop system, to support the green products for carbon neutrality and tap new profit growth points in contributing to achievement of the national targets of emission peak and carbon neutrality.


Extend the life of buildings, safeguard a wonderful life

Winning the award highlights his enterpreneurial spirit featuring a high personal charm and the influence of Keshun in the manufacturing industry and the buildings waterproof industry. In the future, Keshun will continue to implement green sustainable development and persevere in the operating idea of “technology-based, innovation-based and innovation-based Keshun” to create higher value for the society, customers, partners and stakeholders through products and service systems of high quality, high performance and high efficiency.


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