More Honors Secured by Keshun

In April 2022, a winner list was announced for the 13th “Pegasus Award” for Investor Relations of Chinese Listed Companies. Keshun won the Best Board Price and Best Board Secretary Award that are two subawards of Pegasus Award.




“Pegasus Award” is the earliest selection activity held by the leading domestic media to focus on the management of investor relations in the capital market. Since its first launch, the activity has been held for 13 times.

Sponsored by Securities Times and undertaken by e Company, the current session focused on information disclosure as core and involved the observation and screening of listed companies in multiple aspects, including corporate governance, strategic planning, corporate culture, brand reputation, investment value and protection of investors. It is an award that draws great attention from listed companies, research institutions and the investors at home and abroad.

Winning the awards represents the recognition given by the capital market and investors to the corporate governance and management of investor relations of the company over the years. For a long period of time, Keshun has attached great importance to investor relations and taken diversified measures in the management thereof to promote the effective communications between the company and investors, improve the transmission effect of its corporate value, strengthen the standard and professional management of investor relations and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

Meanwhile, the company is enthusiastic about setting up bridges for communicating with investors, including shareholders' meeting, seminar, onsite investigation, corporate website and phone consulting, to treat all investors in an open, transparent and equal manner.

“Create and share with long-term companions”. Keshun will continuously improve its corporate quality and shareholder value to bring better investment returns to investors and aid the stable development of the capital market.

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