Keshun pride Phoenix Project, Miracle Project, 80 billion yuan, the first of the "Seven Wonders of the New World"!

One of the largest airports in the world,

The largest single terminal in the world,

The world’s first high-speed rail under the terminal,

The world’s first aerospace building with “double-layer arrival, double-layer departure”

The world's largest vibration isolation building,

Costing nearly 80 billion yuan,

"The devil of the architectural world" works by Zaha Hadid,

It is - Beijing Daxing International Airport.

"Phoenix Project" - Beijing Daxing International Airport

On June 30 this year, Beijing Daxing International Airport was completed and accepted.

I am honored that Keshun shares are also involved in the construction.

"I never thought that 400 days is so hard!

Never thought that 400 days is so urgent!

I never thought that 400 days is so rich! ”

Li Shuangjiang, from the project management center of Keshun Co., Ltd., who participated in the construction of the airport, said.

Keshun shares staff shot at the construction site


In 2016,

it was voted "The Seven Wonders of the New World" by the British "Guardian".

“Leading global airport standards and building a global airport benchmark”,

This slogan is gradually becoming a reality.

In order to be the best, in order to achieve the goal, the project party is extremely strict with all project participants.

Regardless of corporate strength, product requirements, service efficiency, etc. all have undergone rigorous review and evaluation.

Keshun shares as an industry leader,

Successfully won the bid for the airport waterproof project,

For more than 400 days,

Show the project party the professionalism and efficiency of the company.

“400 days, we delivered 100,000 square meters of high quality waterproof project”

Li Shuangjiang said that this is another deserving deed in his career.

Adhere to the "high standards, high quality, high requirements" standardized construction,

It is the key to accomplishing this national task with quality and quantity. ”

Li Shuangjiang said,

Standardized construction includes management standardization, process standardization, and construction standardization.

Management standardization.

The operator must be certified to work,

Technical training, real-time supervision,

Pre-class education, post-class work summary,

The task handover is clear.

.Responsibility to people, the progress is clear.

Process standardization

From material entry to use,

entry materials, machine layout,

waste cleaning work, engineering construction process,

strict requirements, each step in accordance with standard procedures.

Construction standardization

Unified construction practices,

Do not let go of any leaks.

Strictly follow the operating procedures and technical solutions,

Handle technical problems arising during the construction process in a timely manner.

This is another Chinese miracle.

This is also a world miracle,

Chinese quality has increasingly become a business card for the world.

Keshun shares are also committed to

"Technology Keshun, integrity Keshun, service Keshun" business philosophy,

High-tech products, efficient and quality service,

Create a Keshun business card.

This business card is circulating in China and around the world.

With a dazzling project, the business card is bronzing.

In the future,

with standard, professional and systematic services,

high-performance, integrated and high-quality products,

Keshun will provide continuous protection for

Daxing International Airport and other classical buildings

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