One of the most productive countries in the early days of the “One Belt one Road”

Keshun shares unveiled at the Malaysia International Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition

6 days ago

From July 3rd to 6th, 2019, the 2019ARCHIDEX Malaysian Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition was held in the Kuala Lumpur Exhibition Center. Keshun made its debut with the excellent waterproof products and overall solutions,focusing on the essence of China's excellent waterproof products.

In the booth of Keshun, the brand logo of “CKS Keshun” and the target language of WATERPROOF FOR LIFE are very eye-catching. “Ke Shun Blue” and “Simple” are the main theme, showing the brand image of Keshun to the Malaysian market.

Keshun is a leading waterproof company in China, providing customers with comprehensive waterproof solutions. The company's professional and strong R&D team can provide individualized technical services, providing countless professional waterproof solutions for architectural projects in China and around the world, including landmarks, municipal works, traffic engineering, residential commercial real estate and special engineering etc, having extensive experience in exporting waterproof products to countries and regions such as Chile, Vietnam, Australia, Russia, Europe, Malaysia, Dubai and the Middle East. At the exhibition, through the company's booth design and excellent product display, the staff of the company's on-site staff conveyed the powerful comprehensive strength of the company.

Keshun presented in 2019ARCHIDEX,The main products and systems on display include: APF-C pre-applied HDPE fully bonded waterproof membrane、APF-3000 self-adhesive modified bitumen waterproof membrane、KS-929 single component moisture cured polyureathane waterproof coating;planting roof ,basement roof waterproof structure model. The audience can feel the charm of Keshun products at zero distance. The bridge of mutual communication built through the exhibition once again brought the distance between the global merchants, engineering developers, contractors and other industry insiders and Keshun. In addition to developers and project leaders, many interested customers from all over the world have contacted the company's team and look forward to further cooperation.

Malaysia was one of the earliest countries to respond to the “One Belt one Road” and was one of the most productive countries in the early days of the “One Belt one Road”

This country where more than 7 millions ethnic chinese are living has become a hot spot for more and more Chinese companies invest. 

Nowadays, Malaysia is implementing “the eleventh Malaysia plan(2016-2020)”. And strenthening infrastructure construction is listed as an important measure. China has become the main partner of Malaysia engineering construction contractor for consecutive years.

By the end of July 2017,the total amount of contracts signed by Chinese enterprises is 59.66.billion dollars. Today, China and Malaysia have cooperated in various fields such as infrastructure, service industry and manufacturing. A large number of Chinese-funded enterprises such as China CRRC, China Communications Construction and China Hydropower are active in Malaysia.

Keshun will continue to deepen the development and investment of countries along the “One Belt ,One Road”, establish closer cooperation with countries along the route, and innovate new models and new ideas for overseas economic cooperation of Chinese independent brands. Let China’s wisdom with world-leading technology create a bright business card on China’s world stage.

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