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10th Oct.1996

Advance with Technology Thrive with Virtue

Keshun was born in Shunde, with the layout of waterproof coating manufacturing, sales and service related businesses.




Keshun set up waterproof engineering company at Shenzhen Special Economic Zone with the highest construction qualification in the industry

Keshun was chosen as the designated brand of waterproof material for Shenzhen Metro Line

Keshun participated in the construction of Guangzhou Xiongfeng City project and became a well-known brand in Guangdong




The first waterproof membrane production line was put into operation in Shunde

Keshun set up branch companies network, product sales and engineering services nationwide




The north China base was officially put into production

Keshun contributed to the 2008 Beijing Olympics




Keshun’s industry ranking leaped into top three

Keshun was elected the vice president of China National Building Waterproof Association



Keshun College was established

With the approval of provincial technology center, the Technical Keshun set sail




Keshun laid out five major production bases nationwide

Keshun launched civil building material brand




Keshun set up a postdoctoral workstation

Keshun started strategic cooperation with several top 100 real estate enterprises

Keshun optimized sales channel layout and expanded distributor network




20th anniversary

CCTV visited Keshun


The headquarter building and R&D building were put into use

Keshun was listed in the Top 100 Guangdong Famous Enterprises



Keshun was listed in China stock market

Stock abbreviation "Keshun shares"

Stock code "300737"


Keshun became the industry's first to name a high-speed rail

Keshun participated in the construction of several railway projects



Keshun built an expert workstation with Yang Wantai, a scholar of Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Tsinghua University

One time waterproofing system was officially released

Keshun has been the preferred brand of China's top 500 real estate developers for many years,




With concerted efforts, Keshun donated to build anti-epidemic hospitals, actively returned to work and production, and achieved steady growth in performance

Comprehensive upgrade of corporate culture

Issuance of the "Keshun Basic Law"

Release of the 10 billion RMB strategic goal

Launch of the Keshun repair brand

Layout of ten production bases nationwide



Keshun releases the first 10 billion RMB goal

Keshun will continue to focus on building waterproofing related categories, deepen sales channel construction, improve intelligent manufacturing, and repay the society with excellent products and services. Adhering to the core value of “Create and share with long-term counterparts”, we will keep striving to achieve the great mission of “Safeguard wonderful life with lasting buildings” as well as the goal of 10 billion RMB in revenue soon.


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